Biovorn Ltd, a UK company, has discovered a novel technology (BVX) which promises “single step” extraction of intracellular compounds from microalgae. Initial tests have demonstrated successful extraction of proteins, carotenoids and DNA from a range of algal strains: directly into aqueous or oil solutions. The biomass does not require pre-treatment or drying, so costs are significantly lower than existing technologies. The company is now seeking an academic partner to assist with further research into the potential efficacy of BVX. The work will involve working with a range of algal strains to test aqueous and oil based extractions of target compounds including proteins, lipids and carotenoids. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate experience from similar projects. For details, contact Jerome Vaughan (email:; tel: 01594 862888).

Phyconet News

  • April 10, 2018

    IBioIC are participants in the Interreg funded project “European Marine Biological Resource Centre Biobank”. The project is organising a 1 day workshop on “Practical steps for facilitating the use of marine biological resources for commercial R&D in the context of

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  • March 28, 2018

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  • PHYCONET, in conjunction with the Center for Microalgal Biotechnology and Biofuels at the Institute of Hydrobiology in Wuhan, China, is organising an international workshop, to be held 19-21 September in Wuhan. The objective is to bring UK and Chinese microalgae

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